a league of noble beings 

A Planetary Call to Coherent Action for our re-b-earth

A Planetary call

What if the world and all of it’s problems were a giant puzzle and together we had all of the pieces across every sub-sub sector of society to solve them…

all we had to do was bring these pieces together to clarify the picture of what we are building…

a world that works for everyone – a world that we all deserve together…

The UA is focused to strategically align data, organizations and investors, clarifying the picture, and generating coherence amongst solutionaries to implement the worlds greatest solutions from every sector to rebirth and realize a NEW WORLD

We are a global – individual, organization, community and consortium connector

Providing a platform for solutionaires to connect from seemingly different categories to create coherence

We Exist To

Create greater choice for all of     
* humanity *

Create a bridge to all organizations and projects clarifying the picture

Protect Human Rights

Uphold Natural & Universal Law

*Establish Humanitarian Excellence*

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Membership Unlocks

Our aim is to bring organizations and solutionaries together through a number of incentives. Membership incentives include;


Trusted Allies

connect directly to vetted organizations, and their respective leaders across a multitude of sectors



Funding Engine

incorporate your project into our funding engine of investors/donations via our 5DRefi index fund or our non-profit



Conscious Events Calendar

plug into our conscious events calendar with organizations and events from around the globe



Map Back to the Origin

be automatically listed on our map back to the origin database as a solution/service provider



Social Media Awareness

we’ll leverage our social media platform to bring more awareness to your organization, project or aspect of the movement



Data Platform

partnership being announced soon – global data platform for integral decision making and solutions implementation


The Puzzle – Global Solutions by Sector

Organizations and solutionaries across all facets of society are taking action and implementing the solutions that are here for us to build a new world that works for everyone, and the Earth? There is a picture that is clarifying and everyone has a piece to this puzzle. These solutions (our members), paired with our global data platform partner (parntership to be announced soon) are the pieces need to solve this massive puzzle. This is where the UA and comes in.

Expanding Health & Consciousness

supporting and working with organizations and platforms, providing the tools, and education necessary to expand health & consciousness of every individual

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Human Rights & Freedom Reclaim Sovereignty

supporting and working with the organizations and platforms across all sectors of society to reclaim the natural order

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Energy Exchange

as we give birth to new societal processes and norms, it becomes increasingly more important to also generate new forms of energy exchange.

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Lands & Communities

reclaiming/purchasing lands, learning how to come back to our natural connection with the lands and building sustainable communities is a common theme all around the planet

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Become a member of the UA

To join the UA and unlock your access to the growing network of organizations and solutionaires around the world and to be automatically included into our funding pool and other incentives

In standing together, WE create Choice.
In serving ourselves and eachother, WE become FREE.
In supporting one another WE change the world.

What We Do

Through Collaboration, we;

1 – Advocating for the use of Natural & Universal Law as the overarching principles from which society operates, re-establishing OUR jurisdictional Rights & Freedoms, and regain the Natural Order.

2. (Re)Establish connection and authentic, transparent, vulnerable communication with/between all tribes, communities, countries, and nations, infusing accountability  equality, nobility, integrity, and love back into all facets and systems of society in order to actually protect human rights. 

3. Create alignment, coherence in values, and purpose in order to deliver humanitarian excellence and promote sustainable development.

*humanitarian excellence; defined as providing the tools, and education necessary for all individuals to become responsible and solely self reliant. 

4. Create councils and containers of accountability within individual communities, across and between communities and between the communities and the Unified Alliance to cultivate coherent action and non-aggressive conflict resolution.

*creates a best practices, third party accountability system – releases burden from the communities themselves.

5. Generate a gateway for funds/investors, tools, programs, resources, and people to flow into and through all communities and projects.

6. Act as a symbol (sigil/logo) of unity to spread through/to/across all communities (becoming an easy identifier of LIGHT).

Global Events

Conscious Events Calendar with events from our global family of members

Events Calendar


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