reb-earth-ing Ourselves, each other & new earth

inspired by a collective vision
Driven to co-create
Motivated to change the world

A Private Lawful Association & Infrastructure for Ascension: An Ever Expanding Database, Cultivating bridges & Connecting methods for self assessment, self expansion, solutions, & new earth ecosystems;

An ecosystem to connect men and women with a clear method of self assessment and the organizations that have solutions and tools to grow in every area of life, from every sector of society, giving you clear intentional actions, cultivating greater coherence, to fully cross the bridge to crystalize the new world and your chosen participation within it

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It is a story of transformation, a cocoon-like shift that humanity is moving through, continuously processing and letting go of old, outdated methods, perspectives, paradigms and societal structures that continue to crumble from all around us

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In standing together, We create Choice, and radiate Coherence
In serving ourselves and eachother, We remember Freedom.
In supporting one another We change the world.


creating bridges;

1 – to advocate for the use of law common to i; and quantum syntax; as the overarching principle(s) and (new) operating system for a new society, a new world, to re-establish our jurisdictional Rights & Freedoms, regain the Natural Order, and return all men and women to the land of the living.

1b. operating from law and quantum syntax requires Radical Self Responsibility and the awareness and innerstanding of quantum syntax from every man and woman for their own thoughts, feelings, and actions and to live from the higher laws, infusing accountability, equality, nobility, integrity, authenticity, truth, and love back into all facets society, to bring themselves into the now space. 

3. infrastructure for Ascension; a series of gateways for every wo/man to self assess where they are on their journey and connect them to the associations that have the solutions and tools for their continued growth, and expansion.

b. between solutionaries (our partners), to create more alignment, coherence and unity between projects, and organizations, weaving the pieces of media, events, resources, workshops and communities together to deliver humanitarian excellence and promote regenerative development.

*humanitarian excellence; defined as providing the tools, and education necessary for all individuals to become radically responsible and solely self reliant. 

4. Leverage #3 to generate more awareness, raise the frequency, change the narrative and people’s lives.

Lawful * Strategic * Coherent * True

Operating from the higher laws, creating strategic alliance, and authentic council generating greater coherence in our efforts, we support and leverage each other to implement solutions.

We are a global – individual, organization, community and consortium connector, creating a map back to the origin

We advocate a return to living and aim to operate from the higher laws, including the law of love and what is true, the Universal and Interpersonal laws, the laws of the soul and expressing law common to i;

Strategically aligning with solutionary partners to give our members access to a growing tunnel system of data, information, talks, organizations and communities, they can trust and that will clarify the picture of new earth, and generate greater coherence for all;

Incentivizing members into co-ordinated action steps, connecting them to infinite resources, and plugging them into the global community to unify and reshape our world.

Unified in purpose, we celebrate and share solutions, provide services for the health, wellbeing and future benefit of our planet, and all of mankind.

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A Planetary call

If you pan out far enough and broaden your awareness long enough, you’ll notice the emergence of a new world and for now, the simultaneous existence of two worlds, overlapping.

Together, WE will rewrite our history.

It shall become our decree. 

It is Our story.

The story yet to be told.

The story WE will tell!

Are you ready to help us share the new earth story? A story from solutionaries, about solutions from every sector of society, from across the globe.

Global Solutions by Sector

Organizations from all facets of society have taken action to create and implement the solutions for us to build a new world that works for everyone .
A picture is clarifying and WE ALL have a piece to this puzzle.

Law, Rights & Freedom

supporting and working with the organizations and platforms across all sectors of society to reclaim the natural order

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as we give birth to new societal processes and norms, it becomes increasingly more important to also generate new forms of energy exchange.

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Health & Consciousness

supporting and working with organizations and platforms, providing the tools, and education necessary to expand health & consciousness of every individual

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With the Internet spreading linke wildfire and reaching every part of our daily life, more and more traffic is directed to websites in search for information.


is the new sustainability, no longer about just maintaining where we are now, but more about bringing back what’s been forgotten, lost, taken, or damaged. Regeneration is about coming back to the natural order, our reconnection with the planet and each other

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Land & Communities

reclaiming/purchasing lands, learning how to come back to our natural connection with the lands and building regenerative, sustainable communities is a common theme/goal around the planet, connect to amazing communities and join the ones that most resonate with you

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Global Events

Conscious Events Calendar with events from our global family of members

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 Unified Alliance (“the club”) is a private membership club for those of mankind only to participate in and is established, created and catered by i: a man; Lee Davy; life-time membership is free; membership provides exclusive access to a range of knowledge, property and time; all activities, and offers through or within the club occur within the private domain only; your order confirms your acceptance to the agreement of membership and laws of the club;
This notice creates a protective governance mechanism for each woman/man within the club, under law of property and trespass, that predates, and is above, the legal system;
Property is the highest right a woman/man has;
Under law, only woman/man exist; there are no titles, agents of state, or de facto systems, agencies or governments;
Under law, you, the woman/man, not the role you play or the title you hold, are accountable for any and all unlawful acts, wrongs, harms, and or trespasses you perform, and as such can and will be held directly liable;
Unlawful acts include, but are not limited to; unlawful detainment, extortion, barratry, harm, trespass, entrapment, intimidation, and coercion;

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