A league of noble beings creating coherent action for our RE-B-EARTH

Ministry of Unified Alliances

We are an Unincorporated Spiritual Ministry executed under the laws of nature and of nature’s god in accordance with Universal Contract Law: An association for Spiritual Transformation with Reliance upon our Faith in Nature. 

The Unified Alliance Dual Impact DAO

We are launching the world’s first conscious, decentralized human/global solutions bridge network in the form of a Dual Impact Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) to mobilize a global effort to create a bridge advocating for the use of law and radical self responsibility, to and between solutionary organizations, and for every man and woman to find the tools, resources and solutions they require to continue their sacred journey and rite-ful place in the new world;
A DAO is a community-led entity that is fully autonomous and transparent: smart contracts lay the foundational rules, execute the agreed upon decisions, and at any point, proposals, voting, and even the very code itself can be publicly audited, edited, or re-written. A DAO is governed by its individual members who collectively make critical decisions about the future of the project.
The UA Dual Impact DAO will have two functioning aspects. 1 supporting organizations with solutions from every sector from around the world to share their solution, 2 connecting individuals in search of tools and resources to continue their personal journey into the new world.
Our intention is to cultivate greater coherence to, between and amongst the solutionary organizations from every sector, while providing every man and woman with the tools and education necessary to become radically responsible and solely self-reliant, something we’ve defined as humanitarian excellence.
The UA Dual Impact DAO will operate in unison with a series of other DAO’s, including SPHERE, ASCENDED DAO, and ALL STAR ALLIANCE which all empower purpose-led founders and social innovators in their own right to accelerate the co-creation of a New Earth. Our aim is to deliver future-driven solutions to provide abundance, equality, health, and resources to all.
If you would like to join our effort to create positive impact for mankind, please apply to become apart of the UA here.

Unified Alliance Organizational Operating System

To truly be an example in and for the new world, the energetic foundations and grid work must be extremely clear and concise before building in the physical world; with this in mind, we at the UA have been particular with the energy from which our intentions and that which we intend to build physically, emanate from;

meaning every meetings, word, phrase and written aspect of the organization is crafter with deep intention and care;


Energetic Framework & Foundations

Law of Nature

Everything is connected (all beings including myself are made of the same substance)

I create my reality (through observation, I create my own reality)

I am unlimited and timeless (the unity of energy consciousness causes the phenomena of life)

I live for the good of all: as we live for the good of all, we know that we benefit also)

Law of Correspondence

As above so below…

0 Point


Yin / Yang

Law of opposites is fundamental to creation

Universal/Laws of Nature

The Law of Least Effort

nature functions with effortless ease; the principle of least action, of no resistance; therefore the principle of harmony and love; known as the principle of economy of effort, or ‘do less/accomplish more’; least effort is expended when your actions are motivated by love

Law of Obedience

when we understand the laws and live in harmony with the laws in our daily life, we can achieve great success; when we obey to the laws, we are governed by the nature order which automatically removes all the challenges and obstacles for us along the way.

Law of Harmony

supersedes even the fundamental law of karma, for harmony is the supreme potential of balance; the purpose of karma is to attain harmony; if you throw a rock into a pond, you are the cause, the effect is the splash and the ripples that flows out and back until harmony is restored; similarly, your disharmonious actions flow out into the universe and back upon you, lifetime after life time, until eventually your own harmony is restored; Harmony is restored

Law of Cause and Effect

Every Cause has an Effect. Every Effect has its Cause. Everything happens according to Law. Mental World = all power to effect change is here = Causal Plan. Physical World = Plane of Effects.

Seek and ye shall find. Ask and it shall be given. Think, focus, and feel and ye shall cause from the causal plain to effect [manifest] in the physical plain

9 principles of Biomimicry

Nature runs on sunlight
Nature uses only the energy it needs
Nature fits form to function
Nature recycles everything
Nature rewards cooperation
Nature banks on diversity
Nature demand local expertise
Nature curbs excesses from within
Nature taps the power of limits

Natures Elements

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Core Values


Authenticity: the truest, most natural representation of an individual’s nature or beliefs, without filter, including sensitivity, and connected to the highest aspect of true self, beyond all illusion.

Asking permission
Leaving better then when found

Humility: remaining humble at all costs.
to release the need to inflate oneself or ones abilities.
standing in truth of what is, and within ones own abilities


Lawful * Strategic * Coherent * True

Operating from the higher laws, creating strategic alliance, and authentic council generating greater coherence in our efforts,  we support and leverage each other to implement solutions.

We advocate a return to living and aim to operate from the higher laws, including the law of love and what is true, the Universal and Interpersonal laws, the laws of the soul and expressing law common to i;

Strategically aligning with solutionary partners to give our members access to a growing tunnel system of data, information, talks, organizations and communities, they can trust and that will clarify the picture of new earth, and generate greater coherence for all;

Incentivizing members into co-ordinated action steps, connecting them to infinite resources, and plugging them into the global community to unify and reshape our world.

Unified in purpose, we celebrate and share solutions, provide services for the health, wellbeing and future benefit of our planet, and all of mankind.

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We are a global – individual, organization, community and consortium connector, creating a map back to the origin

Guiding Principles
Beyond borders, boundaries, compromise, or limits

“May God Grant us the wisdom to discover the right, the will to choose it, the strength to make it endure.”

Grounded In;


a high degree or morality, honesty and compassion.

kingly in nature, thought, word and action


a presence that occurs when all things are truly honored

the recognition and knowledge of oneness, that there is always more love to expand into

unconditional, unwavering, forgiving, flowing, boundless.

the recognition of another within oneself and vice versa.

must first begin with the self and then radiate to all things from quantum to cosmic and back.


correct, based in truth, in harmony with Natural Law, because actions do not cause aggression or harm toward others


standing by ones word in truth

showing up fully to the best of ones abilities.

taking responsibility for ones own thoughts, feelings, words and actions.


god-like, spiritual, the highest, true aspect of who we truly are, beyond all illusion


honoring of oneself and each other.

holding in reverence each individual’s uniqueness, while in recognition of our connection at the quantum level of oneness.


 committed to authenticity and transparency at all times and in all situations, no matter how difficult the subject matter or circumstance.

words backed to the best of an individual’s understanding of the truth at the time


the truest, most natural representation of an individual’s nature or beliefs, without filter, including sensitivity, and connected to the highest aspect of true self, beyond all illusion.


remaining humble at all costs.

to release the need to inflate oneself or ones abilities.

standing in truth of what is, and within ones own abilities


above rulership or the control of another.

no-one is free, until each are free and all are freeing each other.

Continuous Expansion

the edge of comfort, knowledge, boundaries, perceived limitations.

continue each and every day to push past perceived boundaries and limitations – mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually, for WE are infinite Beings, playing an infinite game.

how will you continue to expand each moment into all that you truly are?


an aim to live and let live, knowing that we are all perfectly imperfect and that at times, things will be said, mistakes will be made, and at the end of the day holding onto a thing is like drinking poison expecting the other to die.


inviting trust by revealing that you have nothing to hide.

the prospect of being fully open and totally vulnerable, allowing the passage of that which once was held in shadow to come to light.


to live up to a standard of excellence and commitment.

remaining aligned with one’s word and following through on what one says.

intention to always say what one means and do what one says, to the best of one’s ability.

Clear Communication

meaning what one says and saying what one means, through a clearly defined means.

always with the best of intentions


resounding, unshakable confidence that unseen forces are conspiring in ones favor and that life is unfolding for you, for your highest good (beyond all illusion) in every moment.

knowing that each step you take is divinely guided.

Collaboration – Honor Self & Others

always pour from a full cup and allow others to drink from your overflow.

self sacrifice is an old, outdated game that is of no benefit as we move forward.

as we tend to the Self, nobly and honourably, we live each day full, energized, truly alive.

as we do this our positive impact on those and the world around us is undeniable.


the central or focal point – the bridge from our humanity to our Divinity.

the focal point of the conduit from which our embodied Divinity to stay connected to our humanity (earth), flow.

sensor of truth.

separates Illusion (falsity) from Reality (truth)

Welcome Everything

all is a blessing, even the perceived difficulties or obstacles.

everything is happening for you in every moment.

each present moment is an opportunity to learn, heal and/or expand in some way as WE remember our way back from whence we came.


divine spark of imaginative consciousness from the all-one-mind, moving through the conduit that is the individual.


a world where everyone is at peace – one must first come to a place of peace from within – detaching from story – accepting what is – Faith in what’s to come


approach all with a level of detachment, acceptance of what is and faith of what’s to be. (combine this with play – assume nothing; engage with curiosity)


pure, innocent delight; that of a 3 year old excited with the prospect of a new experience, toy or item they’ve only just seen for the first time.

without trepidation or hesitation.

Own your own experience

combination of Clear Communication, Commitment & Accountability, Forgiveness and Welcome Everything.

Creating Coherence Councils

Coordinating council within and between organizations to generate coherence and callaborative effort to implement solutions

Complete Accountability

The necessity to create absolute transparency within, between and across all organizations and individuals within and between the UA.

Accountability is defined as Standing by ones word in truth. Showing up fully to the best of ones abilities. Taking responsibility for ones own thoughts, feelings, words and actions.

Integral to maintain balance, authenticity and integrity at all times.

A fundamental requirement is successful performance and implementation of the tasks as outlined (and beyond), and must include the ability to hold the Unified Alliance and all of those within accountable for their actions.

Authenticity at all Times

The truest, most natural representation of an individual’s nature or beliefs, without filter, including sensitivity, and connected to the highest aspect of true self, beyond all illusion.

Absolute Transparency

Inviting trust by revealing that you have nothing to hide. The prospect of being fully open and totally vulnerable, allowing the passage of that which once was held in shadow to come to light..

Greater Coherence

The quality of forming a unified whole – no one body part or energy centre (individual, organization or community) is more or less than any other…and together the sum of the parts creates something more extraordinary, more beautiful than could possibly be imagined alone.

Individual & Collective Reflection

Shadow work, mirror work and truth circles to address, transform and integrate the hidden aspects of self.

Reflection is the change in direction of a wavefront (hidden aspects of self) at an interface between two different media (individuals) so that the wavefront returns (transformed) into the medium from which it originated.

Truly Coming Together

All of humanity is truly represented without ecological disadvantage or prejudice of anyone

Play – Assume Nothing, Engage with Curiosity

live life as a child, no matter what age you reach.

through this wide eyed curiosity can be the foundational lense through which you perceive your reality.

from child-like curiosity, play, adventure, creativity and understanding can ensue.


mechanisms that allow for revisions and improvements to be made ongoing to all facets of the infinite game, individually and collectively as we transform ourselves, eachother and the earth.


live in nobility, and with honour.

combination of all of the above

Why Now?
Why UA?

Law of

Law of Co-Creation states
Two working in co-creative action have the power of four working individually; and three working in co-creative activity have the power of nine; and four working in co-creative activity have the power of sixteen; and one hundred and forty-four working in harmony can change the world.

Many men and women have chosen to build a new model of the world that makes the existing one obsolete.

Co-creating the world we want to live in, one that is moral, ethical, lawful, free and true. 

Without restrictions.

A world where everyone is connected and doing what they are meant to do, and what they love.

Where love is the highest frequency, judgment a thing of the past…
grounded in transparency, accountability, love, wholeness and abundance for all.

A place for every individual to live, flourish, create, collaborate, play, have fun, authentically, nobly, and honorably, while enjoying travel, adventure and freedom on every level with every breath;

It is a time for greater coherence to radiate into the collective to exponentially and more rapidly shift the narrative, energy of the planet and lives of those not yet aware of a new world view;

The spirit of unification and co-creating is fully upon us, like a wave in the ocean and it is time we weave together the awe-inspiring masterpiece we all see – the new world – that works for everyone – 

             It’s time for Heaven on Earth

our Map to the Origin is one tool to support us in getting there!