Council Accountability

A league of noble beings creating coherent action for our RE-B-EARTH

Containers for individuals and groups to

Containers include; representatives each sector, from each geographic location & individual community


Stay Accountable


Practice Transparency


Expose & Transcend Shadows


Create Greater Order Between Cultures, Visionaries & Wisdom Keepers

Councils to;

Reclaim Our Sovereignty

Ensuring decisions are backed aligned with the Origin, creating order with the best available practices, most up-to-date information

Access the most advanced mirror and shadow work practices to support individuals and groups to come into complete alignment, authenticity, transparency and accountability

Ground meetings and action steps in a new level of mutual respect, common purpose and embodiment of unification

Support all members in coming together to create the most positively impactful, collaborative model in order to make the most important decisions of our time

Instill the health, well being, outlooks and principles necessary for guides (members) to function optimally, while bringing order and alignment emanating from the Origin of the heart of the spirit of the earth

Inspire members to work through obstacles united rather than individually

Regaining Order from the Origin

This will push on the vanguard of cohesion, oneness and unity enabling US to maximize resources and reach, while minimizing duplication, competition, and expenses.
inviting mindfulness, morality, natural Law, collaboration and oneness back into view, providing at long last a seat at the table and decisions that actually represent all people, while replenishing and reviving the Earth along the way

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