Lands & Communities

A league of noble beings creating coherent action for our RE-B-EARTH

“We need innovation across all sectors”

Our physical spaces are a manifestation of our collective state of consciousness. As our awareness grows and we become more unified, our communities will grow to reflect this, including our relationship to the Earth. Reciprocity and balance characterize an evolved approach to human habitation which is centered around and based upon connecting to and working with the land. We need innovation across all sectors. The way humans have constructed the built environment has remained essentially the same for centuries and we need new solutions like smart cities and eco villages if we are to become a truly sustainable species.

Opportunities to come into council with each other, and the land to create relationships based on the natural order, while building regenerative communities from sustainable infrastructure are more accessible than ever before


the waiting is over, we must come into alignment with the planet. How will we do this

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sustainable, energy expanding, and in harmony with the planet is the name of the game moving forward

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learning to authentically, relate to each other and the planet – councils, agreement fields and agreements

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