UA History

A league of noble beings creating coherent action for our RE-B-EARTH

Vision Becomes Reality

As the clock ticked passed midnight on December 31, of 2011, the seeds of a new age dawned and began being embedded into the consciousness. More and more individuals have been tuning into this frequency with each passing day. Although the physical b-earth of the Unified Alliance didn’t come until April of 2021, the energy of what was always to be, has been here for lifetimes.
Here, we recount the short and already storied history of the Unified Alliance.

Our History

– 2015/2016 a new vision of collaboration began to take shape. Originally known as GCCP (Global Collaborative Consciousness Platform).

– With origins of energy in the Unified Field and a vision held by select individuals on Earth, until time came fully into alignment to begin cultivation.

– An opportunity to co-create a “new governance model” for a switzerland organization produced LIGHT (Leadership & Innovations for Global Health Transformation) by Ian Illuminato, Lee Davy and Tommy Chittenden.

– Numerous revisions of LIGHT and travel/connection with organizations and communities all over the world from 2016 – 2020

– At the height of global division, during the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020/2021 and the simultaneous existence of 2 earths; (1)the decay, crumbling and dissolution of that birthed during the industrial revolution and (2) the dawning of a new day and that of humanities coming home party – the 5D (r)Evolution and that of New Earth, or more harmoniously articulated as coming home to the Origin and back to the Natural Order.

– With individuals, organizations and communities all around the planet “coming online” and learning how to come together – working together to develop, provide and implement solutions for this re-b-earthing process, the call for the development of a truly universal organization representing all people and planet – one without borders, boundaries and limits began to be received.

– B-EARTH of the Unified Alliance began to take shape in April of 2021, in Mexico City; El Nido de Quetzalcoatl, by the initial Stewards of Origin (SOO), Sigitos Bajorunas, and Christopher Lee Davy.

– On May 9, 2021 the Unified Alliance officially came into existence

It’s Charter was ratified by _______________________ and by a majority of other signatories.

– The main aim of the Unified Alliance is to create strategic partnerships, an incentivized membership community of solutions across all sectors of society, put all of the pieces (solutions) to the “New Earth” puzzle into the same place, garner funds and resources for all of the solutions to be implemented in a coherent fashion all across the planet, while;

1 – Advocating for the use of Natural & Universal Law as the overarching principles from which society operates, reclaim OUR jurisdictional Rights & Freedoms, and regain the Natural Order.

2. (Re)Establish connection and authentic, transparent, vulnerable communication with/between all tribes, communities, (new) countries, and (new) nations, infusing accountability equality, nobility, integrity, and love back into all facets and systems of society in order to actually protect human rights.

3. Create alignment, coherence in values, and purpose in order to deliver humanitarian excellence and promote sustainable development.

*humanitarian excellence; defined as providing the tools, and education necessary for all individuals to become responsible and solely self reliant.

4. Create councils and containers of accountability within individual communities, across and between communities and between the communities and the Unified Alliance to cultivate coherent action and non-aggressive conflict resolution.

*creates a best practices, third party accountability system – releases burden from the communities themselves.

5. Generate a gateway for funds/investors, tools, programs, resources, and people to flow into and through all communities and projects.

6. Act as a symbol (sigil/logo) of unity to spread through/to/across all communities (becoming an easy identifier of LIGHT).

The Unified Alliance has set (regenerative goals), in order to achieve a better and more sustainable future for us all.

The Unified Alliance is looking to the future, while staying firmly grounded in the present to co-create a unified world that truly works for all of humanity.

The history of the Unified Alliance is being written to this day