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A league of noble beings creating coherent action for our RE-B-EARTH


We are confident that in working together, an abundance in human, material, and spiritual resources may be equaitably distributed

Each entity, organization, or solution has of course their own key initiatives, mission, and purpose. The aim is not to alter or modify any existing business, but to instead “plug into” each other setting the stage for longevity, sustainability, ongoing funding, increased reach, varied perspectives (potentially similar solutions, providing a more wholistic, more complete solution) – an altruistic systemic model in which we support, leverage and bolster that of our own work and that of the collective

The First Truly Unified Humanitarian Noble Endeavour

With the intention to coming into greater order with the Origin, OUR sights shift to a re-b-EARTH-ing or perhaps a remembering more accurately;

Reclaiming Sacred Lands and Ancient Sites

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The Preservation of Seeds

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Travel to Ancient Sites to Offer Payment

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