Soul-utions Summit

A league of noble beings creating coherent action for our RE-B-EARTH

A new story.
A new feeling. 
A new Earth

We have a new story to tell…
of possibility, positivity, about regeneration, connection, love;

A story about solutions, about a different kind of world;

A new world, a new earth, with new systems preventative wellness, new economies, and communities;

      Lawful.   Healthy.   Free.   True.

This is the story we endeavor to tell.

Join us for interviews with solutionaries from around the world as we engage you in the exciting and adventurous journey toward a new world.

A world that works for everyone.

We invite you to walk with us in the realization that all of the solutions are here.

Be apart of the Soul-utions Summit Series as we discuss solutions from every sector of society, from all over the world.

3 films
6 events
9 organizations

Join the Soul Summit Series

The first of 6 co-created events launches 12/12/22 with the Health & Consciousness Sector, and culminates at the Summit 12/12/24 with the online and in person convergence of all sectors to showcase mankind’s collective spirit and vision of the new world.

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Are you ready to help us share the new earth story? A story from solutionaries, about solutions! 

A collective vision and the dawning of a new age – a world that works for all of men, women and our planet becomes clearer with each passing day.

Soul-utions Summit Series is the journey forward, creating a bridge and discourse, sharing todays best, brightest, already being implemented solutions, supporting you in the realization that you have a choice, that the new world is being birthed, that you have a place in it, should you choose, and it’s all happening for us, right now.

Like any puzzle if you don’t have all of the pieces, you don’t get a very clear picture. Once you have the pieces though, you can come to an informed state of consciousness that will allow you to choose, so where will you place your focus, and did you know that what we focus on grows?

It’s what we give our energy to…

Soul Summit Series

We remain focused on equality, oneness, unity, connection and things that connect, preventative health and consciousness expansion, the higher laws and law common to i, harmony, and science

– real science that demonstrates clearly that we are one –


interviews focused on the positive developments, organizations, changes, and solutions in our new world


changes the narrative, spreading hope, peace, faith and love, while reporting real news about whats new

Interactive Sessions

insightful discussions within each societal sub-sub-sector with thought provoking questions and interactive sessions to support you

Paradigm Shift

remains focused on positivity and solutions only


An event series consisting of 6 consecutive collaborative, co-created events with a consortium of 9 organizations, and 6 others cultivating the Conscious Media Consortium, and still at least 3 others with Conscious forward thinking films.

Each area, organization and individual of course having their own reach and community, and also plugs into the other facets of this living, expanding organism.

The Soul Summit Series kicks off in 2022 and culminates at THE Summit in 2024 weaving together all sectors, online and in person in 2024.


The Need

The focus, has for far too long been on, and despite best efforts, continues to be drawn back to what’s wrong, what’s breaking down, the old story, the old paradigm and program.

We have the opportunity to change that focus, narrative, energy, and people’s lives while uplifting and serving each other to create a world that works for everyone. In doing so we showcase the world that is already here and the soulutions from soulutionaries from all over the world to plug people back into their faith, health, rights, heart, honor, gratitude and knowing, that the alternative, the soulutions are already here.

Together, we will create a new way of collaboratively weaving all of the pieces, that together, we all have to share and rebuild all facets of society in every corner of the planet to reunite mankind as we walk together back to the land of the living as noble, honourable women and men, to create heaven on earth – the world we came for.



Weave together 9 organizations that are seeing the similar blueprint in the field and instead of each creating their own event, collaborating on an event series for the next two years

Bring together leading experts in multiple disciplines to share what they’ve found through research, wisdom, experience and expertise, and/or what projects and ideas they are developing

Cover with focus on the five (5) overarching areas;

Health & Consciousness
Law, Rights & Freedoms
Land & Communities

Include seminars and lectures, workshop, masterclasses, and interactive sessions from leading experts in each area to offer “how to” toolkits, resources, and actionable steps people can take to improve each area

Offer links, resources, videos, experts, and real-life stories in each key area to help others on their journey

Take people on a journey (to choose their own adventure) – an interactive discovery expo for each participant to build their own Thrival Tool Kit a receive a “plan”, and action steps to trust their own intuition and utilize their unique skillset to step fully into the new earth.

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Each event is co-created and co-produced by the 9 host organizations and promoted/plugged into the 6 Conscious Media Consortium organizations which will continuously host interviews leading up to and beyond each event.

The media and events connect to and promote the 3 films and vice versa.

As the masses discover this unending array of soulutionaries, offering soulutions, they are plugged into the interviews, round table discussions, interactive sessions and thrival tool kits (a step by step process for ‘beginner, intermediate and advanced’ attendees to take their next step and build their process to take their respective next step into the new world, the new earth), providing an infinite number of solutions, which is then plugged into the various on boarding funnels to a vast number of resources and regenerative communities from every sector of the new world.

Naturally people will gravitate to the area’s which are of highest interest first, to eventually access every area for a whole-listic transformation and smooth transition to take their Rite-ful place in the new world as one of the Rite-ful Heirs 😉

Soul Summit Series

See upcoming event series and click on the learn more link to meet our speakers

Health & Consciousness           12/12/22

Online and at a select number of in person satellite location with partners, attendees are plugged into the multitude of resources, organizations and facilitators that offer products, services and events in the H&C sector.

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Energy                                           03/27/23

Online and at a select number of in person satellite location with partners, attendees are plugged into organizations that are focusing on and creating new economies and forms of energy exchange, new decentralized media and new healing and free energy tech

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Regeneration                                06/27/23

Online and at a select number of in person satellite location with partners, attendees are plugged into organizations focused on bringing regenerative solutions to the forefront

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Law, Rights, & Freedom             12/12/23

Online and at a select number of in person satellite location with partners, attendees are plugged into Radical Self Responsibility, Sovereigns Way and others offering information, direction and lawful solutions for Rights & Freedom

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Land & Communities                  03/27/24

Online and at a select number of in person satellite location with partners, attendees are plugged into the multitude of organizations and community platforms being birthed at this time.

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Soul Summit Convergence        12/12/24

Online and in person at all of our partner communities, the Convergence is the culmination of all previous events, in collaboration with all previous partners, speakers, venues and solutions. This is the opportunity for mankind to showcase all that we truly are and have co-created, together.

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