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Not one form of movement is better than another it’s just different

The traditional benefits of movement have been well documented scientifically over the years, but now more than ever we have an amplitude of frequency moving through our cellular machinery that truly necessitates vigilent and increasingly more intense forms of movement in order to process that energy moving through us.

Why Move?

 benefits of movement for the body

Reduces inflammatory markers, like c-reactive protein (CRP) and internleukin-6 (IL-6), which are linked to a number of diseases.

Guards against cardiovascular disease, diabetes, certain cancers, neurodegenerative conditions, heart attacks, strokes, and others

Higher physical fitness is associated with better regulation of inflammatory activities of immune cells through stress hormones

Telomeres (a good index of cellular aging) lengths are longer which equates to, which correlates to being years “younger”

Triggers the growth of new brain cells (called neurogenesis) particularly in the hippocampus area of the brain

Alleviates feelings of depression and floods the body with feel good hormones and endorphins

benefits of movement for embodiment (Spirit)

Light and frequency coming into and through the energy fields, and cells of the body can be difficult bringing up many things to the surface for healing. 

These energy influxes can bring about stomach pain, emotions, headaches, and physical aches, pains, and fatigue (sypmtoms known as ascension). 

This energy is all processed more easily with various forms of movement. In most cases the more intense the better. 

Movement is the new meditation to assist the physical form in this transformation process.

Movement supports in the processing of emotion…movement = energy in motion

Movement providers

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