UA Sigil

A league of noble beings creating coherent action for our RE-B-EARTH

Designing the Sigil of the Unified Alliance

The original emblem of the Unified Alliance was designed as an easy to identify symbol of individuals, organizations and communities intent on dissolving the ego, creating representation for all of humanity to find each other and come together to create greater choice for all of humanity.
Originally a vision of Lee Davy, the final design was created by “UK” a designer chosen via Design Crowd with over 70 designs submitted. Then a voting process with numerous groups took place over a three day period, until the final logo was chosen.
The UA emblem was designed to be “a map of understanding with intention to ”re-b-EARTH” our understanding and come back to the Origin, or Natural Order of living. And for all individuals, organizations, and communities working on this vision to be easily identified, and connected to each other. Each element was mindfully chosen.
The “UA” colours were also chosen at this time. These colours are representative of our overarching birth mother – mother Earth.

A sigil symbol of identification.

In modern usage, sigil refers to a symbolic representation of the desired outcome. This Sigil is an easy identifier of all individuals, organizations and communities that stand in, for and on the side of light. It is a symbol of faith in ourselves and each other.

Unified Alliance

Unified: Uniform or whole, come or bring together for a common purpose or action. Coming together in purpose, intention, and action, and easily identified as individuals, organizations, and communities with pure intentions to raise the vibration, infrastructure, societal norms, interaction, health, standard of living and quality of life for every individual on planet earth

Alliance; Based in morality, truth, authenticity, transparency, love, faith, humility, honor, nobility, the good of all, one heart, one mind, prosperity for people and planet. Creating coherence and a better world for and on behalf of all citizens of the earth. Connecting BEYOND man made, laws, rules, boundaries, nations, boarders, & the perception of separation (societal “norms”)

Mother Earth

One of five basic elements in alchemy, Yin, female, the Divine Feminine. Our eternal mother, the life that gives life to all life. Our home.

The beginning and ending of all that is from the perception of our senses.

Makes our humanity possible…possible for US to, BE.

Our playground for Souls to experience, play, create, manifest and inspire each other in our ability to FEEL & Share in experiences together.


The central or focal point – the bridge from our humanity to our Divinity. The focal point of the conduit from which our embodied Divinity can stay connected to our humanity (earth). Sensor of truth. Heart separates Illusion (falsity) from Reality (truth).
The heart inside of the eye represents reconnecting our heart with our Divine understanding – creating greater coherence and deeper, more authentic connection.


The first eye – the seat of the soul, awakening, seeing beyond the veil and the truth of who one is as an individual and who WE are as the collective. The body is filled with light and in the light WE see, embrace and are humbled by our humanity AND our Divinity, not putting one ahead of the other, but recognizing both as integral and innate to who we truly are and how we truly come to balance within and without in order to fully, individually and collectively Thrive.

Honoring each others perspective and the importance of that perspective. Honoring each others perception of reality. Envisioning a United Vision towards where we are going and what we are building.
Being a witness and witnessing. And Being the “I”


That which imparts honor or splendor. Highest state or quality. The crown of eternal life is the prize to all who overcome carnal mind.

Kingly, knightly, Yang, the Divine Masculine. Signification of nobility, honor, valar and comes with implied terms of accountability to remain moral, authentic, transparent, in sharing wisdom throughout the kingdom (earth) to all (humanity).

Inviting the awakening of the king within all of us – walking with the integrity of the King whom sees the importance of all beings, roles, and positions within the kingdom (earth).